Upcoming Retreats

"An inspiring retreat shows how confronting stage fright can be a fun - and funny- way to tap into hidden confidence and creativity. This is women at their best -- laughing, empathizing and noticing and applauding every tiny milestone that anyone reaches. They are happy to share their vulnerabilities as well as their tissues. Goodman, a bundle of positive energy, cultivates this atmosphere of trust and openess.... [She] somehow manages to be charming and challenging at the same time."
-- New Age Journal (click here to read article)

A workshop of laughter and self-discovery, exploring improvisational theatre games as tools to...
• Access your inner creativity
• Learn to trust your ideas
• Stay in the flow of the moment
• Listen to your intuition
• Gag your inner critic
• Break from perfectionism
• Overcome performance fears
• Laugh and release tension
• See yourself as a creative, self-confident person
• Bond with other creative souls...and discover how to apply these lessons to your daily life.
Why Improv?

• Comedy Improv games are designed so that you don't have time to censor yourself. Your ideas flow from their source without self-criticism and self-consciousness getting in their way. The games train you to bravely trust the quality and validity of your ideas.

• Comedy Improv games pull you into their current. Learning to feel comfortable in this flow, to let go of the controls and surrender to the moment, opens you to a rich source of creativity and self-confidence.

• Comedy Improv takes us out of normal time and interactions. It's a diagnostic tool in discovering how we operate. We can look at ourselves, laugh with others, and learn.

This workshop is for anyone seeking to...
• nourish their creativity
• build their self-confidence
• explore their self-expression
• learn new forms of play
• connect with others
• laugh and have fun

The lessons of this workshop apply to anyone and everyone's life, art, work, play and relationships.

Conferences & Retreats—Bring Katie to You!
Katie is available for touring to conferences, staff retreats, and conventions. She has toured her workshop all across the country including venues such as nurses conventions and management retreats, as well as private, small-group venues.

The workshop can be presented in formats anywhere from two hours to three days.

"Katie offered two presentations for us, which included a 3-hour workshop for the North Dakota Nursing Regional Assembly conference as well as a workshop for women in our local community. Both groups enjoyed her hands-on presentation style which included improvisation skills for thinking outside the box, listening to your intuition, gagging that inner critic and letting go. I would highly recommend Katie Goodman's workshops to conferences, organizations' retreats or any individuals who are looking for laughter and a means to connect with other women. These skills are truly applicable to anyone."
-- Sandra Opdahl, MS, RN of Healthy Living Education