"If Robin Williams and Dear Abby had a baby and hired Tony Robbins to raise it, you might get someone as bright, funny, insightful, and inspiring as Katie Goodman."
– Arianna Huffington, Editor in Chief, The Huffington Post

Katie writes for O, The Oprah Magazine and is the author of Improvisation For The Spirit: Live A Creative, Spontaneous, and Courageous Life Using the Tools of Improv Comedy. She is a nationally touring public speaker and retreats leader focusing on how to build self-confidence, break out of creative ruts in the workplace, and how to Gag Your Inner Critic. Want to make a big change but fear taking the leap? This is Katie's genius. Want to empower your employees to think outside the box but inside the budget? Katie gets creative juices flowing that make people and companies productive, passionate, and energized. Katie leads a hilarious, truly useful and fast-paced presentation.

This ain't PowerPoint, people!

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Katie offers a playful and down-to-earth perspective on creativity in the workplace and our lives. She has inspiring spunk and energy that you won't find in the more traditional, buttoned-up speakers.

And did we mention that there's no PowerPoint?

Katie Goodman TEDTalk

Topics are customizable for your event. Past presentations have included subjects such as:

• Allowing for Safe & Creative Risk-Taking
• Generating Creative Inspiration
• Gagging Your Inner Critic
• Collaboration in the Workplace
• Flexibility at Work
• Trust: Learning to get out of your own way creatively
• Zen-Up Your Life: Getting present, self-aware, and self-confident at work and at home
• Improvisational Self-Discovery
• Leadership and Personal Power

And of course, Katie will work closely with you to develop a unique expression of your convention's vision or company's mission.

Her style is smart, quick on her feet, funny, approachable, and engaging. Her workshops are customizable in length from an hour to a weekend. She is available as a Key Note Speaker, workshop facilitator, and/or panelist. Recommendations are available upon request.